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September 9, 2016

50 Styles 50 States

I'm excited to team up with Old Navy today to share how my home state influences my personal style! I have to admit I was instantly stumped by the simple question: how has your state influenced your style choices? Not sure if I should refer to Texas or Colorado as my state style muse, I realized both states have had a profound impact on my style today and it's only right they both be represented in this post. 

Living in Colorado instilled a relaxed, cool and comfortable vibe into my state of mind that quickly translated to my style. Chambray, flannel (all of the flannel), cool hats and quirky layers were part of my daily wardrobe. Since moving to Texas, I've embraced more of feminine side, incorporating fun pumps, sleek lines and polished skirts. 

This look embodies both sides of my style and I love dressing pieces up and down accordingly. It just feels like, me! I love this Old Navy skirt because the plaid is reminiscent of Colorado cool while the flare fit aligns with my Texan roots. 

Old Navy has partnered with People Magazine to show how people in all 50 states style pieces differently. Submit your own look with the hashtag #50styles50states and #OldNavyStyle by visiting: http://specials.people.com/oldnavy/50styles50states. 


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