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July 11, 2016

work bag


after almost a full year of working remotely, i think i'm starting to get the hang of my forever- changing office space (living room, coffee shop, airplane) and communication with my coworkers and clients. it's been a fun change to wear whatever i'd like as i'm typically not in an office setting. 

that being said, i've quickly learned how essential a durable and classic work bag is for my nomadic work day. a new-to-me brand, mywalit, is an italian brand of designer leather wallets, bags, coin purses and handbags. while all of their pieces are stunning and wonderfully colorful, i instantly fell in love with their New York collection and finally have a work bag that is both beautiful and functional- seamlessly accommodating of my office on-the-go!

i love the classic leather exterior and fun teal color inside that lets me easily find what i'm looking for. there's also a place for all of my necessities- laptop, tablet, files and pockets for smaller items. check them out at www.mywalit.com. (they have a sweet sale right now!) 


  1. love the bag, love the shoes!

  2. what a great all around bag to have!


thanks so much for stopping by! x

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