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July 8, 2015

Yoga on the Rocks

one of my favorite parts of denver in the summer is right around the corner! the four consecutive saturday mornings in late summer that include an iconic venue, stunning sunrise, amazing workout and 2,000 other yogis- i'm talking about Yoga on the Rocks! 

there's something especially magical about practicing yoga in the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre while watching the sun rise over denver and i can't wait to experience it again!

to celebrate the occasion, i'm hosting a giveaway for a free month of unlimited yoga with CorePower Yoga!

and locals! tickets are selling out fast, grab them here. 

view my Yoga on the Rocks post from last year here. 


  1. I was there last year too! I'm glad that I haven't missed it. Such an indescribable event!

  2. looks amazing!

  3. I love child's pose ;) And tree!

  4. can't wait to attend this year!


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