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July 6, 2015

Steele Creek

jumpsuit: here. 
hat: here.
shoes: here.

last week i had the pleasure of checking out one of cherry creek's newest luxury apartments, steele creek. while the interiors are incredibly stunning, the views from the roof deck took my breath away. my office is actually just a block away, so i know and love the area quite well. the views of downtown (where i live) and the mountains are especially significant. 

i could have lounged by the roof deck pool and bar all evening just looking out at this beautiful city- denver, i love you so! x   

thanks to UDR apartments for sponsoring this post. 


  1. Peyton LancasterJuly 7, 2015 at 3:06 PM

    I want to live there!

  2. you look stunning in that amazing view!


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