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April 1, 2015

working girl: managing stress

the minute your feet hit the floor in the morning, life's little and big stressors start creeping into your day. from traffic, appointments, work and relationships, some days the art of balancing isn't so pretty. working with health clients through my day job, i've picked up some tips for promoting personal health & wellness, especially when stressed out. here are my top three tips for lowering daily stress:

1. make sleep a priority.

not only is getting enough sleep imperative to overall health, sticking to a sleep routine (i.e. sans technology) is just as important. i try to shut off my phone and computer at the same time each night and slowly get my mind ready for sleep. while burning the midnight oil might seem like the best option to get everything done, you'll work better and faster the next day if you've had a full night's sleep. to combat an extra stressful day, i like to practice yoga or take a warm bath to try to clear my mind and let go of the day before heading to bed. 

2. detox. 

stress usually pops up in a vicious circle with food. when i'm short on time, i'm more likely to reach for unhealthy foods that only make me feel worse. instead of grabbing something on the go, i mix frozen fruit (and sneak in greens) into a smoothie. it's quick, sweet and nutritional. i also like to start each morning with green tea and lemon and end a stressful day with an epsom salt detox bath. when i take the time to start and end each day on a healthy note, i feel so much better mentally and physically. 

3. meditation. 

this one is new for me. i've never been very good at consistently creating time to meditate each day. and even if i did find a few minutes, my mind would wander and i would only end up worrying about everything i needed to get done that day. enter DeStressify- an app that leads me through meditation practices, tracks my progress and helps me reach my goals. i've been using it everyday for a month and love how it keeps me focused. if you've struggled with mindfulness, this app lets you customize a weekly meditation practice that works for you. 

how do you manage daily stress? 

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  1. great tips and advice, thank you!


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