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April 2, 2015

day to night office looks with Rocksbox

blouse: here. 
skirt: here. love this too
flats: here.
heels: here.
bag: similar.

sometimes a busy day full of meetings can be hard to dress for. one might be more formal and another might be more relaxed. and sometimes, meetings roll into after work drinks, which is even more difficult to plan ahead for. 

instead of stashing multiple outfits in my bag for the day, i like to start with a classic base (enter white blouse and black skirt) and have a few accessories on hand to seamlessly take the look from professional to fun or day to night. i always like to have a pair of flats and heels on hand. flats for the commute and office and heels for a presentation and meeting. lastly, jewelry is an easy and fun way to slightly alter your work look. 

i've teamed up with Rocksbox to upgrade my jewelry game. each month, they send 3 pieces of jewelry based on my taste (from a quick survey). At the end of the month, i send the pieces back and wait for new ones! 

interested in trying Rocksbox?  Use code dippedinyellowxoxo for a free month of Rocksbox! 

frost yourselves! x 


  1. Lovely outfit. Love the bag xx


  2. the cut of the skirt is so flattering!

  3. you make everything look so effortless….love it!


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