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March 11, 2015

working girl I how to stay inspired

every time i travel to a new place, i find myself instantly invigorated and inspired. every little alley is a treasure and everyone i pass has so much to offer. i always return home with a new perspective on my life and my goals. with that being said, i can't just hop on a plane every time i'm feeling less than inspired (although i wouldn't hate it!) so i've accumulated a few tips to help get the creative juices flowing, whether its something small like a writing project or a larger direction in life: 

schedule a coffee date
when i meet new people that i can talk to about blogging, pr or anything in between, i always leave feeling inspired. learning someone else's story, sharing your own and collaborating over ideas and dreams is always a good recipe for continued inspiration. reach out to people you don't know and check in with those you do! 

escape through storytelling
curl up to a new book, magazine, movie or even pinterest to take a break from reality and be actively open to any form of inspiration. 

break a sweat
catching a work out class is easily my favorite way to cleanse my mind. sometimes you have to wipe your slate clean before you can absorb anything new. whether its a yoga, barre or cardio class, i always leave with a clear mind and the endorphins don't hurt either ;)

take a step back
this one is new to me. i'm typically the kind of person that is constantly moving and crossing things off a to do list, especially on the weekends. i tend to get anxious simply doing nothing. but sometimes, having absolutely no plan or agenda is exactly what the doctor ordered. every now and then, we need to check in with ourselves and catch up on sleep, eating and decompressing before jumping back in the swing of things.

eliminate pressure
 when you find yourself less than inspired, it's easy to get frustrated and be hard on yourself. remember, inspiration is no good unless it finds you working. until that moment arrives, focus on constructive projects and stay positive! 

i'd love to know, what do you do to stay inspired?


  1. Great tips! I'm with you on stepping back - stopping and hitting the reset button is not exactly my nature, but when I can make myself do it I always find it's exactly what I needed. I'll (finally) be in Denver by April - would love to take you up on that coffee date!

  2. I love these tips for staying inspired! Such great ideas!!


  3. great tips…thanks!


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