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February 11, 2015

working girl: women in the workplace

remember this post? i had so much fun writing about one of my passions and i'm looking forward to starting a little series: "working girl." lately, i've been reminded how critical it is for women to lift each other up- all the time- and especially in the working world. this article is a strong reminder of how much harder women have to work in the workplace to be perceived as equal to a man who isn't particularly motivated. 

while we've come a long way, there is still a significant imbalance in the way we view the workplace and the home. after a little soul searching on the topic, i've come up with three actions i focus on to correct this imbalance. it's far from the bottom line answer, but it's a start..

1. Stop Apologizing.

even when i'm in no way connected to a problem or mistake, i find myself apologizing to my boss. it has always been in my nature to involuntary say "i'm sorry." while it may just be annoying to my friends and family, at work it comes across as timid and reactive. instead, i'm trying to respond with proactive questions and ideas. i.e. let's try X to reverse Y...

2. Practice What You Preach.

When I come across an article, book or talk i find particularly inspiring for women in the workplace, i instantly forward it along to my team of female coworkers. while i hope they find this helpful, i should forward it to everyone. there are a number of things men can do to help right this imbalance, and not sharing my thoughts with them is only contributing to the problem. half of the people can't work to fix the whole problem and expect significant results.

3. Prioritize.

when i don't take time out of my day for "me," no one benefits. i need a few minutes to myself for lunch as it helps me clear my head, i need an adequate amount of time for exercise, because it directly affects my mood and i need enough time to comb through emails and check in on projects or i feel utterly overwhelmed. when someone asks for my help or pulls me into a project, it's my responsibility to make sure i set enough time to achieve this. standing up for yourself is a sign of strength, not weakness.

so welcome to "working girl" a place to share successes, learn from failures and inspire. any topic ideas?? i'm all ears! 


  1. Kendall - I love this idea! I used to work as a c-level Exec. Assistant and am sooo familiar with this as a result. I had so many moments unsure if I was being asked to do certain things because it was position or because I was a woman. In reality, I'm not sure how many men would apply for that job or how many executives would be comfortable with a man in that position in the first place. It was a struggle for a few years, until I finally stopped. I completely agree with everything you said here and will have to give that NYT article a read!

  2. Thanks for your comment Carolyn! It is definitely a problem still very much alive in the workplace. Hopefully we can take steps to reverse this perception!

    - Kendall

  3. go, fight, ROAR!

  4. Made the mistake of taking zero "me" time both on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and by Tuesday I was a mess. So important to take a time out, even if it's just for a few moments. Great thoughts to share on your blog! :)

    Xo, Alison

  5. wise words to live by…we all need this!


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