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January 26, 2015


for the past few years, workout classes have been my exercise of choice. whether its yoga, barre or cycling, i love the class energy, having a motivating instructor and the welcomed variety that group classes offer. 

when ClassPass recently launched in denver, i was so excited to try out more classes and experience new  fitness boutiques. because ClassPass offers a huge variety of exercise classes and partners with a number of local fitness organizations, it's a great way to squeeze in your favorite workouts (like yoga for me) and try something different without a longterm commitment. i decided to try something new and am exploring pilates- it's fun to change things up! 

what's your exercise of choice? i'd love to hear. 


  1. ClassPass just launched in Dallas too! Dying to try it out!

    The Style Scribe

  2. I remember them emailing me when it opened up in San Fran. Unfortunately being in the military, I already have access to tons of exercise classes and don't even take advantage of them. I always end up either running or doing FitnessBlender's youtube videos in the morning and then lifting weights with my hubby in the evening. I really need to try some classes sometime

    Pink Wings


  3. I like her outfit style. I love to have my own Adidas sweater Nike shoes too <3
    Alex of Prom Outfitters

  4. class pass sounds like a great way to mix things up!


thanks so much for stopping by! x

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