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January 9, 2015

2015 I 1/52

swimming in a texas christmas.

homemade pancakes & family. 

happy hour by the fire.

exploring downtown houston.

a gorgeous sunset on the drive somewhere between dallas and houston.

in 2015, i'm going to recap each week in photos to remind myself to slow down, enjoy the little things and practice my photography. here goes 1/52

happy weekend! x 


  1. marvelous photos and a marvelous idea….look forward to more!

  2. LOVE these pictures and im really excited for these posts because these are my favorite posts by you.
    you capture these so beautifully.
    im already in love with them and if youre doing this to get more practice, i cant even imagine!!!

    cant wait!!!
    cant wait!


thanks so much for stopping by! x

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