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August 20, 2014

the summer rain boot


 boots: c/o joules

it's no secret i love a good rain boot. see: here, here, here, here and here. with a rain boot, you can get away with bright colors and fun patterns or fall back on a classic, neutral pair. they keep you warm in the winter and dry on dreary days. while i love my go-to combo of a sweater and scarf with a pair of rain boots, i have also been throwing them on this summer. 

denver has been getting daily summer afternoon rain showers and i've been taking full advantage of rain boots with a pair of shorts. these boots by joules are like the jackpot of all rain boots. red, white and blue (perfect for my obsession with all things patriotic) and striped!? i couldn't ask for more.

check back tomorrow to see how i styled them for fall! 

thanks for reading & have a great day! x 


  1. Ok first of all, your blog is super cute! I love the design! Second, you can never go wrong with stripes! The more the better! I love this! So super chic! And perfect for rainy weather!


  2. Just my luck that I've been looking for a pair of rainboots, and lo and behold, you feature some cute ones. I like mine fairly plain (less likely to be show stains) but the stripes on this pair are adorable!

    Another Beautiful Thing

  3. Love these! Can I ask how you think these compare to hunters? I ordered the packable hunters in red (matte) and I'm just wondering if maybe I should try the joules because the hunters are a little tight around my calf. What size do you were in hunters and joules?


thanks so much for stopping by! x

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