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August 29, 2014

long weekend get away

i flew down to houston yesterday to get away for labor day weekend! i'm looking forward a few more days of pool time and relaxation this season. For summer travel, i like to grab a sweater for the plane, comfortable shoes and a large carry on for all my inflight essentials. these BANGS shoes are equal parts cool and comfort. the word BANGS, means "help" in mandarin, which perfectly summarizes the the brand's missions. each purchase of BANGS shoes help entrepreneurs both domestically and across the globe to start new businesses. they have an amazing thing going on and definitely worth checking out- follow them on instagram here. 

have a safe & wonderful labor day weekend! x 


  1. Those BANGS shoes look so cool and I'm glad to hear that they're comfortable too. BANGS mission is great too, it makes it easier to spend the money on the shoes knowing that it'll go toward entrepreneurs.

  2. you look a little bit like Indiana Jones…love i!


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