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August 6, 2014

captured I yoga on the rocks

the past few saturdays, i've been setting my alarm a few hours earlier and making the trek to colorado's famous red rocks for an hour yoga class with some 2,000 like-minded yogis and the CorePower Yoga team. between the sunrise, fresh mountain air, healthy snacks from whole foods, amazing views and incredible sense of community, i'm definitely hooked. being in wheel pose and seeing red rocks upside down is definitely a trip! 

if you're in the area, there are two events left this season! check out the website for more details. aug. 9 & 16. part of ticket sales benefit the whole planet foundation. grab a friend or just some coffee and find your zen before your day gets started! 

happy wednesday! x 


  1. this is unbelievable! I'm so impressed. I've never been to Red Rocks, but I'm dying to see it for myself!

    The Style Scribe

  2. This. Is. Amazing. One of my friends from work went to this and I'm so jealous of you both. What an experience!

  3. I went to that last year. Haven't had time to this year, but wish I did! Such an indescribable event!


  4. looks like an amazing event with beautiful views!

  5. what an amazing experience!

  6. That looks like an amazing place to do yoga! The view is so beautiful!

    Nicole to the Nines

  7. This is unbelievably beautiful! Your pictures are gorgeous!


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