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June 26, 2014

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While juggling schedules in my public relations career and my after-hours passion for blogging, I constantly strive to enhance my personal brand. Personal branding can be tricky to define, and while I don’t claim to be any sort of expert, I have developed a few tips in building a personal brand that helps increase professional and personal success. Without further adieu:

Network Your Own Way
I know networking is perpetually labeled as a go-to tip, but I’m not referring to the stuffy, forced networking conference. I prefer to take different avenues that more align with my comfort level and personality. For example, I set monthly goals, both for my day job and my blog, to reach out to 2-3 influencers and plan a meet up. Whether it’s a quick coffee break with an unfamiliar coworker in my agency or a local Denver brand or blogger, it just makes good sense to learn what others are doing, make introductions and form connections. The more people that get to know you authentically, the greater chance for collaborations, referrals and recommendations.  Plus, it’s a great way to mingle through your happy hour bucket list. Work hard, play hard.

Know Your Stuff & Don’t Let Them Leave Empty Handed  
Prior to meeting with someone, make sure to do your research. Know the person’s background, recent endeavors and come up with three questions to ask before arrival. This shows the person is important to you and that you take yourself and your brand seriously. Lastly, bring “meeting favors” and make sure to hand off your business card and a thank you card if appropriate. Always have a stack of unique and memorable business cards that align with your brand to supplement in-person banter. I personalized the business cards and thank-you notes you see in this post with Tiny Prints to ensure they were unique to my brand and left a lasting impression. Topping off a meeting with a paper memento allows you to seamlessly share your contact details and open a door for further conversation. 

Don’t Let Social Media Intimidate You
When I first started dipped in yellow, I tried keeping it separate from my personal life by having a set of social media channels for myself and another set for the blog. However, that process was too difficult to keep up with and as my blog became more about my life, it just seemed redundant. I now do what works for me and use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for my myself and blog and harness Linked In for professional use.

For each channel, I make sure to post regularly, update profile and cover images seasonally and make sure I’m interacting with friends and followers. Social media is such a powerful tool to interact with influencers and supplement a blog or brand. If you don’t find a particular social platform useful, don’t use it. Social media should be beneficial, not tedious, so if you need to downsize to 1 or 2 channels that you can fully devote yourself to, do just that!

Tell Them Who You Are Without Speaking
Whether attending an important meeting or a casual event, arm yourself with an outfit that radiates your personal brand. Fashion allows you to tell the world who you are by enhancing your personality. Consider sporting a power color, unique combination or tried and true favorites that exude confidence. Wear what makes you feel at your best and others will notice and feed off your energy.

personalized stationery c/o Tiny Prints


  1. its so great to see you in your element hard at work…thanks for sharing!
    ps. I love tiny prints!

  2. your personal space and style are fantastic!

  3. love you place, your tiny prints and your knowledge! thanks for sharing =]

  4. love your branded items! This reminds me that I need to re-order my business cards...

    The Style Scribe

  5. your personal branding is inspiring!

  6. Such a great post. Personally, I struggle the most with networking b/c I live a small Texas town that, as far as I know, has no other bloggers. I try to build relationships w/ bloggers via social media, but sometimes, that makes me feel like a creeper. So, it's tough. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    Megan // www.fyeahblog.com

  7. Great post! These are very helpful tops! I need to get out and network more. I like your 2-3 meetings per month as that seems like a manageable goal!

    Nicole to the Nines


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