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January 30, 2014


as january comes to an end, i'm been thinking about what my next monthly mantra should be. but before greeting a new month, i wanted to evaluate january and how i fared on my goal to just start. one of the elements of my life i have been trying to get into a more seamless rhythm is my health. 

this year, i've really been committed to an exercise, nutrition and overall wellness plan and it all came together by just starting!

i'm by no means a health expert, but i started with what i do know and what works for me. this month i have been conscious of the foods i put into my body and strive for meals that are clean, green and lean. next, i've been going to yoga classes 4-5 times per week to de-stress after work, build muscle and be a apart of a community. never having any upper body strength my whole life, (read: opening doors often proves to be an embarrassingly difficult task) i'm working towards building enough strength for this, this and this pose

and lastly, i finally made those doctor's appointments i always dread and put off! i couldn't think of a better way to take control of my own health- that's my biggest success yet ;)

have you made any progress with 2014 goals? i want to hear! x 

* photo by my talented sister


  1. sounds like a great beginning…good for you!

  2. great quote, great photograph!


thanks so much for stopping by! x

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