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January 16, 2014

right in front of them


one rarely sees what is right in front of them. 

i found this to be especially true when i returned back to my life in denver after being away for the holidays. so often i'm so focused on a specific project or problem that i blur my surroundings and brush past everything that is right in front of me. when exhausted, i toss my coat in a heap and bee line to my bed (and t.v.), neglecting the wonderful apartment i've made into a cozy home for one. when in a rush, i hurry through the streets with my mind somewhere else or buried into my phone mailbox. when distracted, i go through the motions in yoga class and neglect to give my mind the rest it needs and deserves.

when i returned home on the 1st day of 2014, i felt an overwhelming sense of joy. the night chill was invigorating, not freezing; my apartment inviting, not lonely; my early walk to work was exciting, not hectic, etc. etc. etc. for the next couple of days i kept catching myself beaming and stuck in a  perpetual good mood. 

i then began to fear losing this new found optimism and constant joy that i had somehow caught at the stroke of the new year. it's inevitable to get caught up in things, whether they be important or not, but sometimes you just need to look at what is right in front of you to see and think clearly again. 

this is your life. you've come so far, been through so much and have etched out a unique purpose. while we will undoubtedly continue to make goals and prepare for the future, don't forget to appreciate the now and be proud of where you are, the outcome of everything you've done so far is right in front of you. it looks pretty good, right?

* photo by my endlessly talented sister.


  1. Love this post - definitely a good reminder!

    The Style Scribe

  2. Such a great reminder! I love that poster too.
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  3. wonderful words….great advice…thanks!

  4. Love how you made this print! Great reminder =]


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