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January 21, 2014

pretty in pink

Audrey Hepburn once said, "happiest girls are the prettiest." and i couldn't agree more. today, let's all take a second to make someone's day- show up to work with your coworker's favorite coffee, compliment the girl next to you on the bus on her cute shoes or show your appreciation for someone who means a lot to you. even though we may often think it, we don't say the things that would make someone's day nearly enough. 

happy tuesday :) 


  1. that advice is dead on…thanks for reminding all of us to speak out loud!

  2. Love this picture! Great writing =] it is a MUST to appreciate all that we have and show that in a positive way! xo Kaylee

  3. LOVE that Audrey quote! Just found your blog and I'm obsessed :) the layout design is amazing!

    I would love if you stopped by me blog! www.Folio-v.com
    xx Victoria

  4. I love this short and sweet post!!! I think we forget how much compliments can make someone's day! I wrote about something similar on my blog today! :)


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