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August 28, 2014


because my workout routine mostly consists of yoga and barre classes, i tend to stick to workout gear of the yoga pants and matching top variety. in an effort to shake up my exercise routine, i've been branching out in fitness apparel too. i love how seamlessly this skort makes an outfit look sporty chic (whether you actually went on that run or just want to look like you did :) ) 

thanks for reading! x 

August 26, 2014

captured I postcards from SF


sharing postcards from my trip to northern california earlier this month- have a great day!! x 

August 25, 2014

the short suit

<shop the look>

August 21, 2014

the autumn rain boot


 this is my second post styling these Joules rain boots for hot & cooler weather. i'm getting a little ahead of myself with the fall inspired look today. the end of august always make me so giddy for fall- the best time of the year :) 

have a wonderful day! 

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